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  • A husband to a smart and incredibly beautiful woman who was way out of my league when I met her (I've almost caught up) 

  • Father to Jaden who is 11, who gifted me the ability to live with a fully open heart and not take life too seriously

  • Step Dad to Jake who is 19 and now pretty much bigger than me in every way

  • Born and Raised New Yorker now living in Boulder Colorado 

  • A blue belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu and routinely fights guys way younger which keeps me healthy and humble

  • Daily meditator for over 30 years 

  • Stopped drinking alcohol for 22 years and counting


  • Committed to bringing my full self to every conversation

  • Gifted at seeing through the noise, identifying and clearing things that are no longer useful

  • Really good at getting people to think, feel and behave in ways create a sense of freedom, purpose and fulfillment

  • Always learning, getting coached and actively engaged in the lifelong journey of self-mastery 

  • A certified NLP Trainer under John Overdurf and the IAHNLP

  • Trained Hypnotist and love working with the subconscious mind to create long lasting change 

  • Not interested in the story that keeps you stuck, I'm more interested in the story that sets you free 


  • Just passed 10,000 hours working face to face with CEO's, Entrepreneurs, Hedge Fund Managers, Global Business leaders, UFC fighters and people on a mission to create impact and meaningful change

  • Trained and Facilitated 1000's of leaders in Executive Presence, Resiliency, Relationship Skills and Emotional Intelligence 

  • Founded a Start up 

  • Creator of Access Architecture, a methodology designed to awaken and align people with their deepest calling. 

  • Failed and struggled through many many attempts to create a life that I looked forward to living into (finally cracked that one) 

John will help you take you're business and personal life to a totally new levels. I bring John in to speak at all my conferences. 

Ezra Firestone Entrepreneur, CEO of Smartmarketer

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